Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Become A Vampire: Candidate Requirements


My name is Sarah, secretary to the Vampire Kings and chief editor of the real world Vampire Handbook.  While the other members of our publishing team work to keep people informed on currently popular topics, I will translate and transcribe the original vampire handbook.

This first section describes how one goes from being merely human to a vampire.  The process entails several stages; the first one is becoming a candidate.  In the past, you needed to find a sponsor before continuing further.  But due to the recent changes in vampiric social status, you may contact me if  you think that you qualify.



Note:  If you are an approved candidate, use the key to decode the final requirement. (ebg13)

Requirements for Human Candidates:

  1. You must be free from normal societal responsibilities.  If you have a husband, wife, child or children, father, mother, or sibling who depend upon you for food and shelter, then you need to make arrangement for their care while you transition from a human to a vampire.

  2. You must be free from government obligations.  We will not accept your petition if you are attempting  to become a vampire in order to forego paying taxes or to shirk your civic duty.  We expect all candidates to pay a tithe to their master and to fulfill all oaths and pledges.

  3. You need a necessary skill or ability to offer to your sponsor.  The skill may be either cerebral or corporal; it matters not so long as you not only possess a skill but are willing to share it.

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