Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Verity of Vampires, Part 2

Greetings!  Let us continue with the various stories about how vampire came to be.

The third story comes the story of Lucifer.  After Lucifer tricked Eve, God grew angry with Lucifer. A war among the angelic hordes broke out, and though Lucifer was a mighty archangel, he lost.  God struck down Lucifer and his followers, creating a place of desolation for them to spend eternity.

Lucifer vowed revenge, so he took up soil and created his own version of man.  It looked, walked, and talked exactly like Adam, but Lucifer could not bring life to his creation, because only God could create life.

So Lucifer went around God and gave his creation the ability to steal life from Adam, Eve, and the other humans.  Lucifer's creation drank blood, because blood is the life.

When God saw this abomination, he raised his hand to strike it down, but Gabriel intervened.

"Father," Gabriel pleaded, "this creature knows not good nor evil.  It only does what it needs to do in order to survive."

God saw the truth in Gabriel's words, so instead of striking down Lucifer's creation, God enhanced the being.  Now, it could create its own family from humans who wished to join it.  The creation also received a name, though that name is lost in time.  And God told the creation that he could come to Heaven after his death.

Lucifer raged at God's mercy, and tried to kill his own creation.  But God prevented Lucifer from taking his revenge, giving Lucifer's creation enough power to survive on his own for all eternity.

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