Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dear Sarah: A New Advice Column for Vampires

Greetings, Readers! My name is Sarah, and I am starting a new advice column for vampires and other supernatural people. Why, you ask? Because Dear Jennifer started receiving a lot of email from vampires and we decided to separate out the mail into normal human and supernatural human space.

Dear Sarah,

I was approached yesterday by two rather burly human young men, asking me if I needed henchmen. Henchmen? I mean, do people really use henchmen?

Anyway, I am an accountant, so I do not really need henchmen or... whatever.  I told them I was not interested, but they seem to think that they need to prove themselves to me.  

Help! How do I convince them to leave me alone?  And how do I explain that no one really needs henchmen?

- Confused in Chicago

Dear Confused,

Well, this is a new one for me.  Henchmen?  Really?? I suppose if you are an evil overlord, you might need henchmen. But an accountant? Not so much.

Have you thought about showing them why you don't need their protection? A little demonstration might go a long way.

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